Do Your Own Luminance Contrast Assessments

Take control of your own luminance contrast assessments. Ask suppliers of products for the Luminous Reflectance Value or LRV (Y value) and make your own judgement calls on compliance using our free Luminance Contrast Assessment Tool (or LCAT, pronounced EL-CAT).

Luminance Contrast Assessment Tool by Access Central - Front Page Screen Image

As long as you know the two tristimulus value Ys in the CIE colour system, which is referred to as the LRVs. Just put these LRVs into the LCAT.

Who Developed the LCAT?

The LCAT was developed by Access Central, a disability access consultancy in Melbourne Victoria, and we have licensed use of the LCAT and are free to share it with our existing clients and future clients.

Who is the LCAT Suitable For?

Perfect for Government departments, Access Consultants, Architects, Design Managers, Building Surveyors/Certifiers, Building Inspectors, Project Managers or the like – essentially anyone who has responsibilities for compliance in new building projects.

How Can I Download the LCAT?

You can receive a free copy of the Access Central Luminance Contrast Assessment Tool (LCAT) just by clicking the image above.

Ease of Use, in Microsoft Excel Format

The LCAT is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, with 8 sheets. The sheets each have navigation buttons, being:

  1. Instructions
  2. Comparison of Two Differing LRV
  3. Multiple LRV Comparison
  4. BCA and Premises Standards Provisions
  5. DDA and Universal Design Best Practice
  6. Definitions
  7. LRV Testing
  8. Disclaimer