The Luminance Contrast Assessment Tool (LCAT) is provided to our existing clients, and future clients, to help with specifying compliant products, finishes and materials.

The Luminance Reflective Values (or LRVs) to be entered into the LCAT must have been determined in a laboratory in an approved method using the correct instrumentation as outlined in Appendix B of AS 1428.1 (2009) or Appendix E of AS/NZS 1428.4.1 (2009).

No reliance may be made on the accuracy of the LCAT or LRVs entered.

By way of using the LCAT, you acknowledge that LumiLab cannot be held liable for its use, misuse or the luminance contrast results presented within the LCAT.

LumiLab is simply trying to help educate people on luminance contrast requirements and need within the built environment. Secondly, we want to put a FREE tool in the hands of people who need to be able to make sound decisions on which products or paints to use. We hope the LCAT helps.