About Egress Group

Egress Group is a collection of businesses and brands that focus on promoting access and inclusion within the world in which we live.

Our primary goal is to spread awareness of universal design and accessibility. Globally, we need to ensure equitable access is provided into premises, with inclusive facilities and services. Everywhere needs to be accessible and safe for everyone. 

Lee Wilson, Director, Egress Group

Egress Group Logo


Our vision to deliver expert advice and services, with superior quality.

Our Objectives:

  1. We aim to spread awareness of universal design and accessibility.
  2. We promote the need for accessible egress routes from buildings and facilities.
  3. We want the world to be accessible and safe for everyone.

Mission Statement:

We want to be the best, with performance that stands out from our competitors by:

  • Demonstrating and promoting an inclusive approach to the built environment
  • Working with our clients to achieve practical solutions
  • Adopting an innovative approach to achieving compliance
  • Using quality systems to deliver consistent reports

Our Values:

Egress Group has developed and adopted the SPARKIE principles, which outlines the core principles by which LumiLab are guided by:

  • S: We are socially aware, and take on corporate responsibility at a local and global level
  • P: We take great pride in our work
  • A: We are accountable for our actions
  • R: We respect others, regardless of their views, abilities or beliefs
  • K: We strive to be knowledgeable and influential, in terms of universal design and accessibility within the built environment
  • I: We encourage innovation
  • E: We continually adapt, develop and improve, and expect to achieve excellence in everything we do

Our Consultants and Associates:

Key technical staff are qualified in risk management, building surveying, construction management and have completed the performance-based building and fire codes Graduate Certificate course at Victoria University. Furthermore, they hold accredited membership with the Association in Access Australia and are Chartered Building Engineers.


We have all the necessary insurances you’d expect from a professional consultancy, visit our Insurances page to review our insurances.